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The College Spouse: Just Do It

One of the most common excuses I hear when I ask spouses why they don’t go back to school is, ‘I am too old to go back’. Why do people do this to themselves? Why do they think they are too old to do anything?

Webinar Recap: Why babies, meetings and the Army can now get in line

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Coping with the Change, Stress and Chaos of Military Life. Presented by: Col. Jim Martin, ret.

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I am going running today. No. Matter. What.

This is my new mantra.

Through 42 months of deployments, five pregnancies, and three PCS moves, all in eight years, I have routinely set my own needs aside to accommodate the army, screaming babies, a demanding job and even the wall that needed painting in our bathroom.

Deployment Soundtrack: Torn


   Natalie Imbruglia, 1997

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Today, I broke my cardinal rule of deployment: never have a meltdown in front of your husband while he is deployed. As a side note, that is the rule that I impose on myself not a rule that I impose on others. But let’s go back and see where it started.

The College Spouse: The wandering world of the military spouse student

 I am the perpetual student. That’s honestly how I feel sometimes. I began my journey towards my bachelor’s degree in 2004. Yes folks, eight years ago, and I am still in school. Thanks to PCS’s I had the task of completing different requirements at the different colleges as I transferred. Not to mention, I changed my major twice. It all adds up to a degree that seems to be taking forever.

Welcome Jennifer Spare – New Salute to Spouses Columnist

On the first day of my freshman year of college, I was handed a schedule that included five days of 8 a.m. classes.

I did not consider myself in the least bit lucky.

Today, as I watch many of my military spouse friends balance 3 a.m. wake up calls with newborns, year-long deployments and homework, I realize just how lucky I was. 

Deployment Soundtrack: Don’t Stop Believin’

Don’t Stop Believin’
Journey, 1981
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PCS Webinar: Advice From the Experts

PCS season is upon us. And this year, you don’t have to pack alone.

Check out the Salute to Spouses webinar , “Is it Supposed to Be Like This?: Military Spouses Share Tips for Surviving the Upcoming, Summer PCS”.

The session, now available at our Webinar page, features two career Army wives and contributors, Jan Childs and Sarah Young.

The pair has more than 10 moves between them and have shipped their household goods across the state and across the sea.

Deployment Soundtrack: Who Are You?

Who Are You?
The Who, 1978p>
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Lost Wedding Album: Today's Message in a Bottle

I love a good story. I enjoy it even more when it highlights the altruistic nature of our community that is so often buried beneath the doom and gloom of people behaving badly.

Check out this feel good tale of a Marine sergeant and his bride who left their wedding album in a Fort Myers, Fla., airport in 2007. An airport employee found the book and refused to dump the gorgeous photos of the couple’s beach wedding in the trash or the lost and found.

Deployment Soundtrack: Here I Go Again
Here I Go Again


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Here we go again. That really is what I thought as I pulled out the camera and lined everyone up to quickly take a picture of my favorite soldier and his kids before they got on the bus for school. This picture would commemorate the start of our fifth (gulp) deployment.


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