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Deployment Soundtrack: Beautiful Boy

        Beautiful Boy         (Darling Boy)

        John Lennon , 1980

            Preview Song

Domestic "Deployment”: Just because my Marine isn’t on the battlefield doesn’t mean he’s home…

I am nearing the last few weeks of my second pregnancy and somehow this time around it is more stressful than having my first son while my husband was deployed in Afghanistan.

The College Spouse: It’s Almost Time!

Just a few more days left, and I’m free! What am I talking about you ask? It’s almost time for the kids to go back to school! I know, most of the country has already started, and technically my kids should have already as well. But, the school district here is building a sixth grade center (yes, the sixth graders will have their own building), and construction pushed the start of school back. Normally they start the third week of August, and now it’s the day after Labor Day.  Considering that they got out right before Memorial Day, it’s been a long summer!

Home is where the military sends you

Home is where the military sends you. Many military families I know have this sign proudly displayed in their homes.

The sight of it makes my civilian friends shudder.

They don’t understand how we can grow to love a place so foreign to our very being; a place we may never see again; a place we dread moving to at first and cry when we pack our bags to go.

Military spouses have a unique ability to make the best out of the worst situation. They can make the tiniest, least desirable housing feel like a home. They understand that home is a feeling, not a place.

The College Spouse: Old School or New School?

So I was browsing one of the groups I am a member of onFacebook the other day, and one of the conversations was about school supplies. When I was younger, parents didn’t buy school supplies. Shockingly, school districts had enough money for all the necessities such as pencils, crayons, paper, etc. Now, the school supply lists grow longer and longer by the year and get more expensive. The lists are things not only needed for your student, but also things needed for the class and for the teacher.

Opportunities abound

If you look closely, the military offers more than you can ever imagine.

I’m not talking about money for college, and programs on base. I’m talking about weird, unusual, even bizarre perks that military families have access to. Some of them, you’ve never even heard of.

Last week I stumbled across one of the more quirky benefits, though it’s limited at best.

If you are stationed in Hawaii, and you have a second POV you want to ship home without the added cost, the Navy will toss it aboard a ship – if they have room.

Deployment Soundtrack: Waiting is the Hardest Part

        Waiting is the           Hardest Part

        Tom Petty and the       Heartbreakers , 1981

            Preview Song

My daughter asked me the question that every mom hates to answer during deployment: "Mom, when is our daddy coming home?"

That knife went straight into my heart and then she twisted it just a little! Ugh!

Welcome August! Time to relax

Apparently, August is the unofficial month to slack at the office.

That’s according to an article heralding the first day of the month.

And, their experts say good employers know that a little downtime on the clock can make for happy, productive employees. Fewer work breaks mean more stress and more mistakes.

I couldn’t agree more. This theory of necessary relaxation fits in the office and on the homefront.

Deployment Soundtrack: It's My Life

        It's My Life

          Bon Jovi, 1985

            Preview Song

In one of my blogs, I alluded to conquering a weight issue. And do you know what? I did it! "Please tell me your secret," was what a sweet friend wrote as a comment on a picture of me on Facebook when I finally had the courage to face the "before" and the "after" photos.

Do you want to know my secret? I will tell you. Are you sitting down?

Wait for it ... I put in some hard work.

The College Spouse: What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? Join the club! So many spouses I have talked to about going back to school want to go, but aren’t sure what they are interested in. Even though I have always had an interest in criminal justice, I actually didn't start out studying that. When I finally decided to go back to school, I decided accounting was the career for me. That career aspiration lasted about three weeks into my first class. I like math, and it has always been a strong suit of mine, but I honestly didn't think accounting was quite what I thought it would be.


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